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About us


The vision grew within me for a long time: to combine centuries-old shamanic knowledge and modern combinations of active ingredients to create a product that visibly and sustainably cares for the skin. Now I'm making this vision come true with my own cosmetics line: Beauty from the Hearts of nature. As a native Colombian, I spend several weeks a year in the country of my homeland - with people who are close to my heart and who have been enjoying the healing, beautifying effects of special oils and plants such as jojoba, aloe vera, arnica or citrus fruits for generations After many years of listening, learning and trying things out in the Amazon of Colombia and through the experiences in my Hamburg beauty practice, I felt ready and encouraged: by the encouragement that I have received for years from people who have been inspired by my beauty -Treatments and the sustainable care recipes feel so much more comfortable and vital in their skin. The six products of the Heunize line combine shamanic knowledge and my many years of experience as a beautician. The ingredients are certified organic by Cosmos Organic Ecocert.

Heunize. This is me. This is my recipe for beauty.

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